Aug 5, 2009

Reminder: week 3 @ CAPITOL MMIX


Fresh Best OF selection from Pictoplasma's festivals 2008 and 2009, plus some new, never before screened material.

5 August, 21:30 h @ Teatrul de vara CAPITOL MMIX / © Save or Cancel

Free entrance!

The 70 min "Characters in Motion" screening specially curated for the AVmotional Association showcases highlights and fresh examples of a new generation of characters, bringing the style back into the world of animation.


1) Intro Pictoplasma

David OReilly

music: Bob Gruen

2) Simple Song

Eun-Ha Paek

music: The Residents

3) Keepon Dancing

robotics: Marek Michalowski

music: Spoon

4) I Can See You, Can You See Me

Eric Lerner

music: Rex The Dog

5) Looking Through The B-Sides

Saiman Chow

6) Drygoni

Paul Rayment

music: Super Furry Animals

7) The Black Dog's Progress

Stephen Irwin

8 ) Please Say Something

David OReilly

music: David Kamp / Bram Meindersma

9) LoveSport Paintball

Grant Orchard / StudioAKA

10) I Want Nothing


music: The Black Ghosts

11) Strasse Der Spezialisten

Studio Soi

music: Shantel

12) Wamano


music: Hifana

13) Buddi 1 -- 4

Model Robot

14) The Inflatables

Joshua Allen Harris

15) Overtime

Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland, Damien Ferrié

16) Stare Into The Sun

Ian Stevenson

music: Jamie Scott and the Town

17) Play

Marco Morandi

music: Daniel Leopold

18) Bou

Satoru Ohno

music: MAS

19) Art Contemporain

Numero 6

20) Stayin Alive


music: La Chose & Mirwais

21) Middle Dog Gets Angry

George Gendi


The moNUmenteUITATE exhibition is all set up and waiting for you to cast an eye on forgotten palaces, fortifications and other charming houses spread throughout Transilvania, Banat, Crisana or Maramures.

Last but not least: starting 19h00 "no name" poetry act. :)

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